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    Greetings to Rossotrudnichestvo Representatives abroad

    Konstantin Kosachev
    " Voice of Russia " Broadcast 3 Sep 2012

    © Photo - "Voice of Russia"
    Konstantin Kosachev, Head of the Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo, and the Special Representative of the President of Russia for relations with CIS Member States.

    See us, hear us, argue with us. But, most importantly, stay with us. Until we meet again.

    Moscow, Kremlin - September 3, 2012, 11:30
    President Vladimir Putin sent greetings to participants in the meeting of Rossotrudnichestvo Representatives abroad.

    The message reads, in part:
    “The Federal Agency for the CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) and its representatives abroad make a significant contribution to the development of relations with international partners in culture, science, the economy and the media. These efforts are an essential component of Russia’s foreign policy implemented by the Foreign Ministry in cooperation with other agencies.

    Russia’s scientific and cultural centres in over 70 countries actively promote humanitarian exchanges, contacts between non-governmental, public, educational and youth organisations, and ties between twin cities. The state has charged you with a vitally important mission of providing support for our compatriots. With your help, more people study the Russian language, including those who live in the CIS, a priority region for us.
    Today, when many states actively use the soft power policy to pursue their national interests, we see an escalating role and responsibility of Rossotrudnichestvo and its branches in promoting a positive image of our country abroad, strengthening its prestige and influence. It is essential for the world to obtain reliable information about modern Russia, to learn about our spiritual and intellectual traditions, rich history and enormous contribution to the development of civilisation.

    I am confident that despite the scale and complexity of these tasks, you are capable of fulfilling them, given your professionalism, commitment and dedication to your work for the benefit of Russia.”


    Greetings to participants and guests of the VI Russkiy Mir Assembly
    November 3, 2012, - Kremlin, Moscow

    President of Russia, Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to participants and guests of the VI Russkiy Mir Assembly.

    The message reads, in part:
    "Your forum coincides with National Unity Day. This holiday has its roots in the events that unfolded few centuries ago, and is overall linked with the glorious, heroic annals of our history and the strengthening of Russia’s statehood, which will be 1150 this year.

    Present in this room today are well-known public figures and scientists, writers and journalists, professors and scholars from many countries. You are all united by a sincere affection for Russia and desire to make a personal contribution to solving our common problems. Your most valued and fruitful efforts, your creative and educational initiatives aimed at promoting Russian language and culture, expanding the use of Russian language and strengthening Russia’s international authority, all deserve the most heartfelt recognition."


    President of Russia, Vladimir Putin's address to the participants of the Fourth World Congress of Compatriots October 26, 2012, 10:10 St Petersburg

    Good afternoon, friends,

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome the participants of the Fourth World Congress of Compatriots.

    Your meetings have become a beneficial and valuable tradition. This year, the St Petersburg Congress has brought together delegates from more than 90 countries, representing different generations of the millions-strong Russian community around the world.

    You share a common concern for Russia’s future and its people, a commitment to be useful to your historical homeland, to promote its socioeconomic development and strengthen its international authority and prestige.

    We highly value your contribution to the preservation of the Russian language and culture, the promotion of spiritual values that we share, the desire to disseminate around the world objective information about modern Russia, its history and achievements in education, science and technology.
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    Meeting with Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives in international organisations July 9, 2012, 14:30 Moscow

    The President outlined in his speech Russia’s main foreign policy priorities and clarified the tasks Russian diplomats will have over the coming period, taking into account the current international agenda and the processes underway in Russia itself.

    Along with Russian ambassadors and permanent envoys, also taking part in the meeting were staff from the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Moscow offices, the officials of the Presidential Executive Office, members of the Government, and representatives of ministries and agencies involved in international cooperation. Such meetings of Russia’s ambassadors and envoys abroad take place once every two years.
    the Presidential Press and Information Office

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

    Rossotrudnichestvo - Moscow
    Russian Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, compatriots living abroad
    and international humanitarian cooperation

    18/9 Vozdvizhenka, 125009 Moscow - Russian Federation, Phone:+7 (495) 690-12-45

    5 March - Pres Medvedev appointed first Deputy Chairman of the State Duma on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev as the new Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo and as
    Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for relations with CIS Member States.

    The head of State announced the decision during a working meeting with Konstantin Adzvistav of Tskhinval district in the Moscow suburban residence in Horki.

    A Council to promote Russian culture abroad
    A new national promotion has been launched by the Russian Federation's Council of Culture abroad. The Council is headed by the Head of the FA Rossotrudnichestvo, Konstantin Kosachev.

    "The Mission adopted for the Council abroad is an objective presentation of modern Russia. It should ensure and improve access to the traditions of the multinational Russian culture and its achievements, promote a positive image of Russia in the global community through a system of cultural values and benchmarks, said K. Kosachev.
    The Head of Rossotrudnichestvo noted that the new body has been set up to ensure effective interaction with interested government bodies, creative associations, cultural institutions in planning, organizing and conducting cultural activities abroad.

    K. Kosachev stressed that the objectives of the new organisation are a unique infrastructure of Russian Centers of Science and Culture, currently in 74 countries around the world, and by 2020, the centers will function in 100 countries.


    Russian Federal Agency for Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) , Compatriots living abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation

    Rossotrudnichestvo was established in Sept. 2008 as an organization subordinated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

    Rossotrudnichestvo currently operates on four continents through 83 offices in 75 countries, which include 58 Russian Centers of Science and Culture (RCSC) and 25 Representatives who are part of the Diplomatic Missions of the Russian Federation.

    Despite such an extensive network of offices in countries around the world, the priority of the Rossotrudnichestvo activities are the Member States of the Commonwealth of independent States.

    A key focus of the Federal Agency is the expansion and enhancement of inter-regional and cross-border cooperation.

    Rossotrudnichestvo promotes the preservation and restoration of stable cooperative ties between the Russian Federation and bordering countries and territories.

    The Federal Agency is working to revive the practice of holding exhibitions and fairs at the All - Russian Exhibition Center and the National and International Salons, exhibiting and presenting the various scientific and economic achievements of the CIS.

    The Rossotrudnichestvo activities and its foreign institutions are aimed at the approval of overseas fair view of modern Russia, its material and spiritual potential and an insight into the domestic and foreign course of the country.

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    Victory Day Parade
    9 May 2012 - RT.COM

    Video - Victory Day Parade 9 May 2012


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