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Russian School Plays
Saturday, 7 June 2008
New Joint Venture " ERA & Selena - International Book-Store "
Topic: Joint-Ventures
Newsflash :  
 +++ 01 June 2008 :IRAS - DETKI-74.RU - ERA IZDAT join forces for new ventures +++ Evelina Rakitskaia appointed IRAS Moscow Bureau Chief for Russia & CIS +++

New Joint Venture   " ERA & Selena - International Book-Store "


Posted by obshestvo-iras at 6:16 PM EDT
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Saturday, 17 May 2008
"The Nets of Silver and Gold" - Next Performance : 18th May 2008
Topic: Russian School Plays

" The Nets of Silver and Gold we have " will be performed at the

" Mofet "  school Netaniya on  Sunday 18th May at 18:00

All are welcome to cheer our young and talented performers ......

Sincerely  - Irene Yavchunovsky, IRAS Haifa - Russian Schools Liaison  


Posted by obshestvo-iras at 4:01 PM EDT
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Tiberias Rep will meet 25th May 2008


Our Representative in Tiberias :


Next Meeting : 25th May 2008  at 18:00


Irene Yavchunovsky - IRAS , Haifa

Details : 050-3011394 - Irene

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 3:43 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 May 2008 12:18 PM EDT
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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Topic: Russian School Plays

9.04. 2008; Haifa.

Elementary school  performance: "THE NETS OF SILVER AND GOLD WE HAVE..."

(English and American children's verse translated into Russian by Irene Yavchunovsky)
















Posted by obshestvo-iras at 5:18 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 10 May 2008 7:11 PM EDT
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Monday, 28 April 2008
Invent-land Kids-Kingdom

Invent-land Kids-Kingdom


New Publishing Projects










International Publishing Projects based on the pages of Internet journal "detki" are developing. The series of collections under the title "The Kingdom of DeTvorinia" is being successfully published. It fills the bookshelves of kids from different countries. However, not only this series is included in the future plans. And some of our numerous plans are soon going to be realized. Important event in the life of our project has happened. A new illustrated gift-edition of "Mother Goose Tales" both in English and in Russian languages is waiting for young readers. This project is unusual not only because two authors living in different countries performed it in a virtual space, but also because it includes a lot of verse and limericks that haven't yet been translated into Russian. Irene Yavchunovsky, a poet and translator, using her wit and light style, gave them a new life in Russian language and a painter Elena Shmygina affectionately decorated the book with amazing, bright and colorful illustrations.


          English short poems, limericks, and songs united under the common title "Mother Goose Tales" had existed for at least three centuries. Nevertheless, the secret of their origin has not been puzzled out. The trace leads to a collection of tales by Charles Perrault published in France in 1697; it had the subtitle Tales of Mother Goose. This name has in turn been traced to Queen Goosefoot, Charles's mother; Bertrada Goosefoot was a patroness of children. Others claim an American origin in Mother Goose's Melodies, published in 1719 in Boston by Thomas Fleet, whose mother-in-law was said to be Elizabeth Vergoose. The plots of many poems are connected with real historical events.

          The secret of their everlasting popularity is even more obscure. All the same, the fact is that nowadays children from many countries continue enjoying amusing funny heroes of these charming poems. They became an unusual ABC book for many kids all over the world.  Mother Goose tales are still loved by children no matter what country of the world they live, and that's why she is still young.

          We are happy to inform both our young readers and their parents that the book will soon appear on sale, and you will be able to purchase it for your kids or as a gift for your relatives and friends.

With respect,

Detki- and IRAS sites administrations 

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 12:52 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 10 May 2008 7:09 PM EDT
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Saturday, 12 April 2008
Obshestvo IRAS welcomes the Northern Israeli-Russian Team

Israeli-Russian Authors - Obshestvo IRAS - Haifa : WELCOME ! 

Veksler Inna, Vernikova Bella, Martinova Tatiana,Volkova Natalia, Gammer Yefim, Geller Michail, Yerukhimovich Bela, Znakovsky Lubov, Korneeva Olga, Staniv Elena, Chechelnitsky Paulina, Shkolnikova Severina, Shmygina Elena (Chelyabinsk.Russia)

Sincerely,Irene Yavchunovsky,

Obshestvo IRAS - Israel-North

Northern Regional Branch - Haifa 



Posted by obshestvo-iras at 11:27 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 8 April 2008
"I will sit a little bit" - from the series "The Kingdom of Detvorinia".

"I will sit a little bit"

Dear readers!

Here we are again together, this time on the pages of the second collection under the title "I will sit a little bit" from the series "The Kingdom of Detvorinia".Those happy children and adults, who became of the first collection owners, were surely waiting for the second issue. The series was supposed to become a certain holiday where you could not only get acquainted with the new names, but also meet again the authors you had already loved while reading the first book, and also get an entire garland of new bright works of poetry and prose.  These works can become both a favorite book for reading before sleep and scenery of school or kindergarten performance.The series compilers had promised to give the readers new and bright impressions and acquaintance with the bright children's authors - men of letters and the painters-illustrators, and they fulfilled their promise!  When we open the pages of the book ""I will sit a little bit" we immediately become real time and space travelers. Fragrant borderlines between reality and fantasy fade giving us opportunity to become the friends of funny and amazing book-heroes.  They can fly down without any obstacles from the book pages, and on the wings of fantasy cross the borders of a habitual world surrounding us, giving by this fun and lots of new impressions to our "honeys". And that's not all! Everyone who wants to read all the books of this series will get one more surprise.  Each author's section is presented as a special electronic book in a free library of the journal "". You can read these books from the monitor of your personal computer, all of them are identical copies of a book edition. They are attractive also because they are real; you can even turn the pages on the screen. You also have an opportunity to print the places you like most of all, and, in addition, get printed an entire section – the twin of the printed one. Yes-Yes! Each author is presented also in a separate mini edition both in a printed book and in its electronic twin.We often complain that our kids have lost interest to reading; they mostly stick to their computers.  Electronic books, however, can be an optimal decision. The kids while reading from the screen can get interested in this process again. All new volumes are waiting for the readers on the electronic shelves of internet-library for kids and their parents "".The printed and electronic books are waiting for their readers. Welcome and get new impressions! 

Article by :
Elena Shmygina and Severina Shkolnikova ,
posted and translated into English by Irene Yavchunovsky

for the full text also in Russian please follow this link:  

posted by:  Irene Yavchunovsky - IRAS Regional Director - Israel North, Haifa

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 3:56 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 15 April 2008 2:11 AM EDT
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Saturday, 5 April 2008
Welcome to our new News section !

Shalom - Zdravstvijte - Welcome to our new site !

for previous info :

Best Regards - Irene Yavchunovsky  



Posted by obshestvo-iras at 4:28 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 5 April 2008 4:45 PM EDT
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Saturday, 1 March 2008
Jan 16 2008 - Book Presentation - Vesti Jerusalem & Sekret Magazine articles


for the Vesti - Jerusalem, Jan 24, 2008 Article which was re-published in DETKI-74.RU

please follow this link : 


"Where Ran the Letters "

New Book Presentation

Jan 16 2008 - Jerusalem Center


read also Efim Gammer's article in " Sekret " Magazine ( 27 Jan - 2 Feb 2008 )


Posted by obshestvo-iras at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 14 April 2008 9:04 AM EDT
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