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IRAS Tiberias
Kremlin News
Russian School Plays
Saturday, 4 December 2010
Russian President Medvedev spoke with PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Topic: Kremlin News

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 2:51 PM EST
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Saturday, 6 September 2008
Presentation of the 3rd issue - Almanac "Tiveriada" - Oct 5,08
Topic: IRAS Tiberias

Literary Studio " The Waves of Kinneret " - Invitation

We would like to invite you to the presentation of the 3rd issue of "Tiveriada", which is going to be held on October 5, 2008 at 6 p.m.

in "Piramida" hall of "Yad Shitrit" theatre.


           You are always welcome!


 The head of literary studio "The Waves of Kinneret", the member of Israeli Writers Union,


Lubov Znakovsky

IRAS Tiberias Representative

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 9:27 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 6 September 2008 9:32 AM EDT
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IRAS Tiberias Representation - Literary Studio "The Waves of Kinneret"
Topic: IRAS Tiberias



In the soft June evening of 2000 in the city of Tiberias, literary studio, which had already existed underground for almost two years on the second floor of the small cozy Beit Oleh building, was officially registered.  We – about ten poets and prose writers enjoyed this recognition and prepared for our first meeting with Tiberia citizens…


Eight years have passed and the number of our studio members tripled! We have our own name "The Waves of Kinneret" ("Galey Kinneret") and our own almanac "Tiveriada" the third issue of it will be presented in October 2008 in the "Pyramid" hall of the town theatre "Yad Shitrit".


Our active members who joined the studio at the first day of its existence are: Svetlana Morozova, a prosaic writing historical fantasy, Svetlana Igoshina, interpreting Torah in a poetic way, Semen Epstein, a lyrist and a humorous writer, Galina Azbel with her favorite Jewish theme, a specialist in skits and greetings, Vladimir Gorenstain, always searching for original poetic images, Igor Bunchis, with his subtle feeling of both framework and music of poetry, and the author of this article, the member of Israeli Writers' Union, Lubov Znakovsky who has created this unity of confederates.  I can't but name those who had untimely passed away: Yuri Shtivler, a journalist and Genric Balachnin, a photo-painter and a humorist.


This was our frame which gradually filled with new wonderful "muscles", among them are the young poets and painters Vadim Statut and Dmitry Vais, a lyrist and children's poet Paulina Chechelnitsky, a poet and a painter Nikolay Kozachenko, subtle lyrists and philosophers Sergey Korablicov-Kovarsky and Vladimir Berdichevsky. During the last years our studio enriched with poetical fireworks by Larisa Shiller, philosophical contemplations by Anatoly Zusman, memoirs from "GULAG" by Lev Judelovich. A prosaic Lora Ray comes to our sittings from kibbutz "Dgania-bet" and a poet Alla Zarkhina comes from Katsrine on Golan Heights.


By the time of our studio creation only its head Lubov Znakovsky and a poet V. Gorenstain had had their books published in Israel, today the most of our colleagues have published their books in the most representative publishing houses of Israel.


In 2008-2009 we are planning to make presentations of the new edited books by our colleagues. Such presentations became a real holiday for 'Russian Word' lovers, Songs and romances by composers Elena Sukhenky and Nonna Troyansky written on our authors' lyrics are usually performed by the singers Olga Milgrom, Zina Vaisblat, David and Zhenya Joffe.


Almamac "Tiveriada" is our special pride".



It is published on money of the Ministry of Absorption and its executives actively support and assist in "Tiveriada's" edition. Lubov Znakovsky is its compiler and main editor; Paulina Chechelnitsky, Boris Tseitlin, Dmitry Vais are its editing board members.  Dimitry Vais is also a talented graphic designer of this almanac. Watercolors by Nikolay Kozachenko presented in the almanac allow us enjoying "Tiberia's Motives". The rubrics: "Rhythms of Times", "Dashy Echo of Poetry", "Our Vernissage", "Kids' Room" and others can tell you about almanac's content.

Our dream is to open a Literary Salon, because almost every month we meet with personalities who are honored and famous in Israel and outside it, among them Efrem Bauch, Leonid Finkel, Rina Levinson, Mark Azov, Vadim Halupovich, Boris Eskin, Michael Lezinsky, Elena Minkina, Moshe Landburg, Irene Yavchunovsky, the publishers Elena Kosonovsky and Evelina Rakitsky.


Unfortunately, our almanac is not big and its circulation is only 200 copies, which are mostly spread as presents to our friends and relatives.  And if any sponsors, in which our Community has always been rich, will come forward and help us to extend the frames of our almanac, we will be able to introduce the readers our guests' works either.


And, finally, we would like to invite you to the presentation of the 3rd issue of "Tiveriada", which is going to be held on October 5, 2008 at 6 p.m.

in "Piramida" hall of "Yad Shitrit" theatre.


           You are always welcome!


The head of literary studio "The Waves of Kinneret", the member of Israeli Writers Union,


Lubov Znakovsky.
IRAS Tiberias Representative



You can read the article about Lubov Znakovsky here:




Posted by obshestvo-iras at 8:48 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 6 September 2008 9:37 AM EDT
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Monday, 18 August 2008
IRAS Tiberias Representation - May 25, 2008
"Sekret" Magazine - Weekly No 742  Meetings at the Kinneret Shores 

Exactly eight years ago in the hot town of Tiberia literary studio was created. It turned out that many talents live in this town. People of different professions write poems, stories and essays. A poetess Lubov Znakovsky found these talents, united them and has taught  them different things.


Lubov began her writing carrier in Simferopol, the Crimea. There she received a degree on philology, her first poetry books were edited there, her works were frequently published in the Crimean periodicals, and one of her poetry books was also published in Moscow. Repatriation to Israel promoted the rise of her creative work; it gave her many interesting themes. Lubov has already prepared for publication
her eighth book of poetry.


By the efforts of the members of literary studio a periodical – almanac "Tiberiada" is being published. It is filled with the best works of the studio members.


Lubov Znakovsky frequently organizes meetings with famous Israeli writers and poets. They tell to the studio members about their activity, share writing experience. These meetings are usually held in a large hall of Beit Ole, and everyone who loves literature and wants to listen to poetry is invited there.  


The Chairman of Isaeli Writers' Union Efrem Bauch, its Executive Secretary Leonid Finkel, Michail Khariton, a poetess Rina Levinson, a publisher Elena Kosonovsky, a humoristic writer Mark Azov, a poet Leonid Soroka took part in these Sunday meetings.


Last meeting coincided with the eighth anniversary of literary studio. This time poetry lovers met with Irene Yavchunovsky – a poetess and a translator. Lubov Znakovsky introduced Irene to the audience, and warmly spoke about her and her family she had been acquainted at the time of their life in the Crimea.



Literary meeting in Tiberias and the members of literary studio.

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 12:24 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 18 August 2008 2:42 PM EDT
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Saturday, 7 June 2008
New Joint Venture " ERA & Selena - International Book-Store "
Topic: Joint-Ventures
Newsflash :  
 +++ 01 June 2008 :IRAS - DETKI-74.RU - ERA IZDAT join forces for new ventures +++ Evelina Rakitskaia appointed IRAS Moscow Bureau Chief for Russia & CIS +++

New Joint Venture   " ERA & Selena - International Book-Store "


Posted by obshestvo-iras at 6:16 PM EDT
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Saturday, 17 May 2008
"The Nets of Silver and Gold" - Next Performance : 18th May 2008
Topic: Russian School Plays

" The Nets of Silver and Gold we have " will be performed at the

" Mofet "  school Netaniya on  Sunday 18th May at 18:00

All are welcome to cheer our young and talented performers ......

Sincerely  - Irene Yavchunovsky, IRAS Haifa - Russian Schools Liaison  


Posted by obshestvo-iras at 4:01 PM EDT
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Tiberias Rep will meet 25th May 2008


Our Representative in Tiberias :


Next Meeting : 25th May 2008  at 18:00


Irene Yavchunovsky - IRAS , Haifa

Details : 050-3011394 - Irene

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 3:43 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 May 2008 12:18 PM EDT
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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Topic: Russian School Plays

9.04. 2008; Haifa.

Elementary school  performance: "THE NETS OF SILVER AND GOLD WE HAVE..."

(English and American children's verse translated into Russian by Irene Yavchunovsky)
















Posted by obshestvo-iras at 5:18 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 10 May 2008 7:11 PM EDT
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Monday, 28 April 2008
Invent-land Kids-Kingdom

Invent-land Kids-Kingdom


New Publishing Projects










International Publishing Projects based on the pages of Internet journal "detki" are developing. The series of collections under the title "The Kingdom of DeTvorinia" is being successfully published. It fills the bookshelves of kids from different countries. However, not only this series is included in the future plans. And some of our numerous plans are soon going to be realized. Important event in the life of our project has happened. A new illustrated gift-edition of "Mother Goose Tales" both in English and in Russian languages is waiting for young readers. This project is unusual not only because two authors living in different countries performed it in a virtual space, but also because it includes a lot of verse and limericks that haven't yet been translated into Russian. Irene Yavchunovsky, a poet and translator, using her wit and light style, gave them a new life in Russian language and a painter Elena Shmygina affectionately decorated the book with amazing, bright and colorful illustrations.


          English short poems, limericks, and songs united under the common title "Mother Goose Tales" had existed for at least three centuries. Nevertheless, the secret of their origin has not been puzzled out. The trace leads to a collection of tales by Charles Perrault published in France in 1697; it had the subtitle Tales of Mother Goose. This name has in turn been traced to Queen Goosefoot, Charles's mother; Bertrada Goosefoot was a patroness of children. Others claim an American origin in Mother Goose's Melodies, published in 1719 in Boston by Thomas Fleet, whose mother-in-law was said to be Elizabeth Vergoose. The plots of many poems are connected with real historical events.

          The secret of their everlasting popularity is even more obscure. All the same, the fact is that nowadays children from many countries continue enjoying amusing funny heroes of these charming poems. They became an unusual ABC book for many kids all over the world.  Mother Goose tales are still loved by children no matter what country of the world they live, and that's why she is still young.

          We are happy to inform both our young readers and their parents that the book will soon appear on sale, and you will be able to purchase it for your kids or as a gift for your relatives and friends.

With respect,

Detki- and IRAS sites administrations 

Posted by obshestvo-iras at 12:52 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 10 May 2008 7:09 PM EDT
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Saturday, 12 April 2008
Obshestvo IRAS welcomes the Northern Israeli-Russian Team

Israeli-Russian Authors - Obshestvo IRAS - Haifa : WELCOME ! 

Veksler Inna, Vernikova Bella, Martinova Tatiana,Volkova Natalia, Gammer Yefim, Geller Michail, Yerukhimovich Bela, Znakovsky Lubov, Korneeva Olga, Staniv Elena, Chechelnitsky Paulina, Shkolnikova Severina, Shmygina Elena (Chelyabinsk.Russia)

Sincerely,Irene Yavchunovsky,

Obshestvo IRAS - Israel-North

Northern Regional Branch - Haifa 



Posted by obshestvo-iras at 11:27 AM EDT
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